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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Consulting to find the correct OEE calculation for your business.

OEE calculation is based on the three OEE Factors: Availability, Performance, and Quality.

Operational Excellence

Much of this management philosophy is based on earlier continuous improvement methodologies, such as

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
  • Scientific Management.


The focus of Operational Excellence goes beyond the traditional event-based model of improvement but moves toward a long-term change in organizational culture.

Project Management

Services for lead Engineering and Project Management for MES projects

  • FEED
  • Requirements gathering
  • Engineering
  • FAT / SAT
  • Commissioning



Implementation of MES and MOM systems.

  • Honeywell DynAMo
  • Matrikon Alarm Manager
  • PAS PlantState Suite
  • Honeywell PHD
  • OSI PI
  • Honeywell Intuition


IoT: Internet of Things

Helping you make sense of IoT.

  • Micro Controllers
  • Stream Analytics
  • Cloud Storage
  • Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Azure Partner
  • Amazon Web Services Partner
  • Raspberry Pi


Operator Effectiveness

Offering a full scope of Alarm Rationalisation Services according to EEMUA, ISA and Abnormal Situation Management guidelines, inclusive of:

  • Alarm Philosophy Design
  • Alarm Rationalisation Workshops and Facilitation
  • Alarm System Audits, Benchmarking and Reporting
  • HMI development Consulting



Edge Data Services

Edge Data Services was founded in February 2015.  The owner is a veteran of Industrial Automation Projects and Services working for Honeywell Southern Africa and Honeywell Middle East.

The Company supplies Automation services and consulting to industrial businesses. Services include System implementation and consulting in wide variety of fields in the Manufacturing Execution Systems workspace.  Speciality areas include Alarm Management Systems implementation, Alarm Rationalisation Facilitation, Process Historians, MES implementation and Integration to ERP systems.

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